Healthy Talk

The conversations we have with other people profoundly influence our view of the world and our daily behaviors. Research shows, for instance, that such conversations can change the way in which we are persuaded by messages such as health campaigns (Jeong & Bae, 2018). Campaigns that are talked about more often may reach larger audiences, because these conversations expose individuals to campaign ideas that would not have seen them otherwise. In addition, conversations can amplify the effects of campaigns, especially if people we know and trust endorse the campaign message (e.g. Hendriks, van den Putte & de Bruijn, 2015; Hornik & Yanovitzky, 2003). In this project, we administer a 2-week media message intervention in which participants receive daily messages designed to increase physical activity. In addition, we test a novel intervention designed to encourage daily interpersonal communication about these messages. We use FitBits to measure physical activity throughout the day and daily mobile diaries sent to participants’ mobile phones to assess interpersonal communication with a high temporal frequency.


This project is funded by the Amsterdam School for Communication Research.