Internships & Thesis Supervision for University of Amsterdam Students


The ACHC Communication, Brain and Society lab offers internship and thesis programs for students of the University of Amsterdam. We are an interdisciplinary team working at the intersection of communication science, psychology, and (social and cognitive) neuroscience. We employ a variety of methods including functional neuroimaging (fMRI), field and lab experiments, surveys, social media data collection, daily mobile diaries, and FitBits. Have a look at our current research and publications to learn more about our work.

Who can apply?

We explicitly seek interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives in terms of disciplinary, personal, and cultural backgrounds to enrich our team. Students from any degree program of the University of Amsterdam with interests in our research program can apply by contacting Dr. Scholz ( The three main criteria for the decision of whether you can or cannot join the lab are

  1. Together, we are able to identify a good fit between your own interests and goals (e.g. what skills you want to develop) and the research agenda of the lab.
  2. There is enough space in the current team to ensure that your project gets enough attention.
  3. We are able to offer you appropriate reimbursement either in study credits or monetary reimbursement (subject to availability of funds).

What does an internship or thesis in the CoBraS lab look like?

Participation in the lab usually consists of an individual research project for each student (e.g. a secondary data analysis or added measures to an existing protocol) and participation in the daily activities of the lab, depending on current need and your goals with respect to skill development (e.g. data collection, study design, lab meetings, and/or data management and analysis). The program and expectations are always agreed upon between the student and Dr. Scholz at the beginning of the internship or thesis trajectory. Students have regular one-on-one meetings with Dr. Scholz in addition to lab meetings with the whole team.